Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks


The artists in this week’s gallery picks brood about the intricacies of life and art in moody, muted palettes.

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1. Collaging ephemera collected from New York City sidewalks with artist Simon Evans’ own notes, the artist’s abstractions resemble dense, gestural almost-landscapes. Their expansive accumulation parallels the omnipresent digital cloud, archiving the trace elements of human experience to map a collective consciousness at James Cohan Gallery
2. George Condo has explored the relationship between the directness of drawing and the controlled methods of painting. His new works on paper are characterized by a dark brooding palette and a return to the figurative in subject matter at Skarstedt Gallery
3. Ross Chisholm distorts traditional portraiture with interventions and various manipulations – such as injecting geometric abstraction, combining figures from different centuries, or even updating a noblewoman’s fashion with 1980s punk accents at Green Art Gallery
4. For The Bestiary, Phlegm creates a modern bestiary within his own universe through an immersive and large scale installation in wood, clay and plaster. at Howard Griffin Gallery
5. Tiffany Wollman raises questions about the impact of the oil & gas industry and the Harper Government on fresh water in her latest work at AVALANCHE!
6. “Drawing is explosive, it is direct, and it is amoral.  Drawing is honest, and deceitful, it is raw, out of control, and it is measured, it is the pristine page of a notebook and also debris of the studio floor.  Drawing is the wellspring of the mind pouring onto the page – the most direct form of visual communication.” at Greenpoint Terminal Gallery


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