Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks


This week’s gallery picks highlight the process behind the artwork.

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1. Betty Woodman’s evolving relationship with painting, the vase, and the history of ceramics at Gallery Diet
2. Matthew Weinstein’s art on library cards at Carolina Nitsch
3. This exhibition is the first large-scale installation of Xaviera Simmons’ ongoing Index series, photographic works whose core are found in the language of the sculptural at David Castillo Gallery
4. Derrick Adams’s work references the collages of the influential African American artist Romare Bearden and act as a continued development and ongoing exploration into envisaging a direct relationship between popular culture, aspirational American cityscapes and the persons, politics and issues of the African-American community at Hales Gallery
5. While Robert Minervini’s works function independently, they are reliant on each other to unravel a long-form narrative space that wraps around the gallery, inviting the viewer to experience the passage of space and time at Marine Contemporary
6. With multiple access points to an excess of information at any given time, artists who are working in one direction sometimes start working in another; the flow is brok and redirected toward a new and exciting place at Garis & Hahn

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