Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks


This week’s artists examine chaos and natural rhythm while testing boundaries.

*            *            *

1. Intricate patterns that reference traditional textiles and mosaics sustain a mood of magic, mystery and pleasure in Evie Falci’s work at Jeff Bailey Gallery
2. Sangram Majumdar’s new body of work continues his investigation into the boundary between the facts of reality and the discursive and associative nature of experience itself at Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects
3. Tomory Dodge’s paintings seem to have a veil of black or white paint masking the surface of the canvas then deliberate scrapes reveal vibrant strips of color beneath Acme
4. Gerard Marx’s Lessons in Looking Down explores representations of the structures that the bare eye cannot see at Goodman Gallery
5. Alyse’s seven new works share a healthy disregard for their edges. While the paintings seem to float in arbitrary spaces defined by the chance edge of the stretched paper, their imbalance is a carefully planned construct, making order from the chaos of a controlled explosion at Rick Wester Fine Art
6. Jack Milroy is moved to examine the eternal verities and polarities, the extremes of human experience at Art First


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