Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks


In this week’s gallery picks, it’s all about how you orient yourself.

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1. Digital tools can both mimic material phenomena and become art historical reference points. Three artists trace image manipulation devices like paint-brush, gradient, and alpha-mask to produce works that translate emerging vocabularies of digital image production back into analog painting and sculpture at Suzanne Geiss
2. Ai Weiwei: According to What? examines how the artist spotlights the complexities of a changing world and probes such issues as freedom of expression, individual and human rights, the power of digital communication and the range of creative practice that characterizes contemporary art today both in China and globally at Art Gallery of Ontario
3. The group exhibition “Up in Smoke” is a reaction to the concept of a poem by Jack London at Greenpoint Terminal Gallery
4. Steven Hull continues to explore in the various ways that painting and sculpture overlawhere a flat image can appear to be dimensional, and a sculptural piece can feel image-based. By extension, we are led to consider the ways that our notions of these delineations are contingent, where received logic can be broken down by simple contextual shifts at Rosamund Felsen
5. Observed at a distance, each work presents a mesmerizing field of candy-colored pink, teal, lilac and sand, which appears to pulsate with energy. Only upon closer inspection does each burst of color transform from the abstract into figurative at Pace Gallery
6. Clive van den Berg looked to the diagrams and mapping techniques of archeologists and prospectors, and the resulting landscapes challenge our sense of perspective, and invite us to reconsider our orientation at Goodman Gallery

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