Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks


This week’s artists are examining the bigger picture in their work.

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1. Tom Wudl’s new work is inspired by the Avatamsaka Sutra (or Flower Ornament Sutra), the revered scripture of Huayan Buddhism. The sutra describes an interdependency of all phenomena within a cosmos of infinite realm at La Louver
2. Evalynn J. Alu’s work reflects her curiosity and emotional thoughts about the universe, in particular our own earth and the forces that are forever in action at OCCCA
3. In Secret Lives of Rainbows, Geoffrey Todd Smith deploys an array of colorful media to create vibrant paintings whose complex arrangements of shapes, intricate patterns, vacillating spaces, and scintillating surfaces recall the wonders of basic school age geometry and visual trickery at Luis De Jesus
4. Historically, Hindu deities have been depicted endlessly through painting and sculpture. Manjari Sharma’s project painstakingly portrays these Gods and Goddesses with photography at ClampArt
5. Sleeping Giants is a series by Eric Pedersen that considers states of consciousness. The work within this body is made at a very large scale and includes portraits of people that are depicted in various states of sleep. The artist represents his subjects in this way to evoke a slight state of anxiety in his viewers; for them to feel unsure of what this giant is capable of doing should it wake up at Katherine Cone Gallery
6. Catherine Nelson uses a repetitive globe form and creates seasonal images of the planet as if we are viewing the earth from a satellite. Wildlife and nature are represented in rich and fantastic ways to convey each environ simultaneously as both boundless and isolated at Saul Gallery

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