Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks


Exploring the hybrid nature of art and its mediums in this week’s gallery picks.

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1. Carolyn Janssen creates intense photographic and painterly hybrids at Saul Gallery
2 .Mariano Dal Verme reassesses how a drawing might be constructed by intertwining graphite and paper in intricate configurations at Sicardi
3. Mumbo Jumbo collects Rodney Hatfield’s spirited animals and human actors in a new stew of his always spicy technique at Selby Fleetwood Gallery
4. Gleaning inspiration from subculture, personal experience, and art history, Ekundayo, Joram Roukes and Adam Caldwell have each developed a style entirely their own that speaks to a complex locus of coexisting cultural sensibilities. While their work remains graphic and representational, their painterly execution tends towards the expressionistic and the emotive at Thinkspace Gallery
5. In her mesmerizing sculptures, Liza Lou expands the possibility of familiar objects and enlivens abstract shapes through the methodical application of glass beads at Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
6 Seven artists delve into the world of color at G Gallery


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