Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks


The art and artists that came before them are paramount to the resulting vibrant works in this week’s gallery picks.

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1. Rebecca Kane’s work is a symphony of vibrant color and texture that explores ethereality of light and its balance with the structure of canvas. The work invites the viewers into a fantasy of prismatic color where walls are transformed into melting landscapes of the figments of imagination at Dacia Gallery
2. The high velocity color and fractured narratives explored in Danny Rolph’s recent paintings show an uncompromising commitment to explore the compositional potential on all the canvases and triplewall plastic that he works upon at 532 Gallery
3. Through the layering of abstract forms and her renowned use of color, Beatriz Milhazes creates compositions which are evocative of a multi-part musical score, where the sounds of each different instrument collide and coalesce with one another into a single harmonious whole.  at James Cohan
4. Rachel Rossin introduces her virtual reality experience alongside the oil paintings they inspire and are inspired by. Upheaving traditional notions of portraiture, landscape and still life, the paintings both inform and reflect the technological installation, an inversion of the most sacred of standards— age-old techniques with the flare of advance guard contemporaneity at Zieher Smith & Horton
5. Tomory Dodge has a long running interest in the notion of the elemental; that some deeper reality lies below the surface of things. The paintings in this show all began with some sort of geometry: a random masonry of colored shapes, or a regular grid. These patterns would then be obscured with layers of painting and scraping, revealing and concealing the matrix beneath until a kind of “phantom figuration” emerges, familiar but un-nameable at Acme Los Angeles
6. Emily Noelle Lambert makes intuitive, vibrant paintings and sculptures that draw from diverse art historical movements, cultures, and styles. The title of the exhibition, Idée Fixe, is a synonym for “fetish,” an object imbued with special power. It is a French phrase defined as a desire, obsession or fixation of the mind, and is a starting point for how Lambert considers this new body of work at Denny Gallery

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