Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks


In this week’s gallery picks, our artists explore mediums and their artistic relationships.

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1. Choosing to work both within the figurative and more abstracted realms, Rich Jacobs crosses back & forth with no set boundary lines, or strict purism at Artists Republic
2. O’Keefe’s newest body of work, Things as They Are consists of ten photographs of distilled compositions of three boards, plexiglass and dowels that allow color and light to become the true material subject. Paradoxically, these straightforward photographs often defy understanding of how they were made or even that they are photographs at all at Denny Gallery
3. In her new work, Yunhee Min continues to explore the sensorial potential of color, light, and gesture. Movements refers both to literal and suggested motion and change: her gestures on the canvas, the viscosity of her paint, and the way these actions combine to produce a shifting spatiality within her compositions at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects
4. The paintings, works on paper and sculpture on view in Eat A Peach are linked by saturated color, textured surfaces and replication of forms. Mirroring, symmetry and tactility suggest both growth and abundance at Jeff Bailey Gallery
5. Handmade Abstract brings together 13 emerging and mid-career artists who are dedicated to the visual language of abstraction and whose work emphasizes the handcrafted nature of the art and processes of fabrication. The exhibition will focus on work that is inspired by the quality and physical nature of its materials and at times shows the influence of crafting techniques; merging the abstract form with a sense of the handmade, tactile, quirky, and personal at BRIC
6. Julia Bland’s large-scale works incorporate painting and weaving, exploring the structures and patterns that combine disparate elements into a whole. Ropes, painted canvas, and fabrics woven by the artist are stitched together, forming boundaries that further bind the work – warp to weft, image to object at On Stellar Rays

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