Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks


This week’s artists view the world with a little magic, mystery and myth.

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1. In this groundbreaking presentation, Takashi Murakami continues to conflate historical, contemporary, and futuristic Japanese references with myriad styles, methodologies, and forms—a practice that has canonized him as of one of the most celebrated artists of our time at Blum & Poe
2. Young Chun’s ’s elaborate oil paintings feature muses with brilliant, chromatic glasses – magical lenses that highlight beautiful and fascinating elements in the world at C.A.V.E. Gallery
3. Alchemy is an expansive group exhibition curated by prolific multi-media artist Monica Canilao. Using the medieval forerunner of chemistry for inspiration, Canilao asked the group of over 40 artists to create both two and three dimensional works that will transform the gallery into a contemporary reflection of this well worn path through the eyes of the contributing artists at Inner State Gallery
4. Deedee Cheriel’s latest work “mixes ancient legend with modern life, predator with prey, east with west, and man with beast – weaving an appropriately complex tapestry of the societal fusion that defines our contemporary world.” at KP Projects
5. The shapes, colors and sections of the Marta Marcé’s multicolored canvases are often arranged and placed much like pieces on a gameboard or puzzle. Her latest works are inspired by the her recent journey to Guatemala, where she learned about Mayan cosmology (the origin of the cosmos) and its symbols, as well as readings of the philosopher and mystic, Ibn ‘Arabi at Rifle Maker
6. Margaux Ogden’s Chekov’s Gun at ltd los angeles


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