Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks


This week’s picks seek to connect the dots of the universe in manners large and small.

*            *            *

1. Making the real and the imagery pop at La Louver
2. Negar Ahkami’s paintings celebrate Persian art’s connectivity and its contributions to global visual culture at Leila Heller Gallery
3. Marianne Van Lent’s “Cosmologies” is an investigation and a reaction to our fragile position in the universe at The Painting Center
4. Aubrey Williams’s Shostakovich series was created in response to close listening, over a long period, to the symphonies and string quartets, of one of the greatest composers of the mid-twentieth century at Hales Gallery
5. Julian Hoeber continues his investigation of intuitive processes within geometrical compositional systems at Blum & Poe
6. Ian Kimmerly’s softly blurred photorealistic figures slip between abstract gestures while gleaming, thickly impastoed streaks of paint are counterbalanced by bright, geometric pops of color at Dolby Chadwick Gallery


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