Pattern Pulp

Tuesday's Gallery Picks


Paper and every day materials reign in this week’s gallery picks.

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1. As the world becomes a more complicated and chaotic place, the appeal of miniatures as a means of both escape and commentary will likely endure for years to come at Apex Art
2. Pascale Marthine Tayou’s unique visual language is based on archetypes, made and found objects and traditional craft at Serpentine Galleries
3. Often working for weeks or months on individual pieces, Judith Scott used yarn, thread, fabric, and other fibers to envelop found objects into fastidiously woven, wrapped, and bundled structures at Brooklyn Museum
4. Works on paper from a bevy of talented artists at ACME
5. Fernando Mastrangelo’s NOTHING alludes to the endless possibilities of transformation in the common and everyday goods we have around us, providing hope for the possibility of aesthetic utility in what we overlook as banal at Mike Weiss Gallery
6. Paper Cut is a group exhibition featuring artwork by six artists who cut into, tear into, and deconstruct the humble, traditional medium of paper to explore the terrain of their subject matter at Subliminal Projects

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