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Trend: Digital Snacking

Digital Snacking

Lately it seems that for Americans, life is delivered “on the go”.  This style of living, most famously portrayed in the story, Fight Club, highlights the single serving lifestyle. “(The) Cordon Bleu hobby kit. Shampoo-conditioner combos, sample packaged mouthwash, tiny bars of soap, single serving friends.”  While this trend was once attributed to the traveler on the go, it now characterizes consumption trends for a broader base of the population.  Beyond the mini servings of cereal and 100-calorie packs of oreos, consumers are now snacking on their information as well.  RSS feeds, text messaging, mobile apps, Twitter, and iPods all represent information, products and services that come in bite-sized packages that have been designed for flexible living and even disposable consumption.

This concept of splintered technology is conveyed through color in Bond No. 9’s summer window display.  Each bottle of perfume is stacked in a tetris-like manner, reminding us of the infinite possibilities we must choose when devising a singular path. Jennifer Daniel, a graphic designer from the New York area is known for creating art as social commentary on the way we live our lives.  This 404 illustration is the result of 36 unloadable images. In keeping with the spirit of the stirring mind, Propeller Modern, a home goods store based in San Francisco, sells this local work of art that reminds us of a topographical landscape compiled of “O’s” from every form of print media.

Additional contributions by: Kelsey-Lee LeGassick

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