Pattern Pulp

The Paintbrush Playbook


I’ve been a huge fan of Ana Montiel’s work for a long time. Her brush strokes have a unique sensibility to them. They’re both beautiful and influential and have interestingly defined periods in fashion illustration over the past decade.


Montiel’s latest project is one for artists, as opposed to her typical reel of brands and commissions. She’s created an incredible resource in her latest book debut, The Paintbrush Playbook: 44 Exercises for Swooshing, Dancing, and Making Dazzling Art with Your Brush.

Inside, you’ll find warm-up exercises and guides to experimenting with new brush techniques. The pages are uncoated, and encourage the reader to experiment on the page. Here are layouts that especially resonated: a step-by-step lesson on how to make an all over pattern and an exercise devoted to  negative space. Click here for more info and to buy.


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