Pattern Pulp

Portraiture, Patterns & Black Identity


Robert Pruitt is an artist whose drawings and sculptures hone in on Black Identity. Based in Houston, TX, his work incorporates patterns and color in contrast with signs and cultural aesthetics. Much of his work weaves together Sci Fi, Hip Hop, comics, social struggle and politics within his local community. It’s interesting to see the texture repeats in the foreground, as opposed to the background- something we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in Kehinde Wiley‘s iconic work highlighting similar objectives.

3Kehinde Wiley4Kehinde Wiley 1Kehinde Wiley 2Kehinde Wiley

These artists are distinctly different, but share paralleling views of pattern, pose and strength in character. The textures and color convey the message as much as the subjects, creating atmosphere and bold references. This series by Wiley focuses on female personalities from Haiti, drawing attention and examination of the nation’s socioeconomic conditions and culture through the lives of everyday people. It’s an incredible body of work, have a look, you’ll be in awe of the creativity and intricacy in technique.


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