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No More Black Targets


Back in October, my friend Colin and I were catching up, discussing all things politics. The election was on the horizon and he was filling me in on his latest work. We both have an art and marketing background with a desire to use these skills to improve the world. When you live and breathe this profession, it offers a window into how clever pointed work can cut through the clutter to actually make a difference. He mentioned a project his agency was supporting, and I jumped on board immediately.


The initiative is called NO MORE BLACK TARGETS and is a social art movement in reaction to gun violence in America. It highlights the black targets used on shooting ranges where people learn how to use a firearm – and asks that we as a society reinvent these targets through an artistic approach.

Artists, influencers and celebrities were asked to reimagine the basic shooting target. The results will be on display this Sunday evening, Feb 19th at 9pm at the Richard Taittinger Gallery. The exhibition will be followed by an online campaign and petition on

Peruse the incredible work, make your own, and join us Sunday if you can!

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