Pattern Pulp

Los Angeles: Leap Second

Kon Trubkovich’s newest series translates the psychological underpinnings of the weak TV connection. The theme suggests that behind the static and disruption is a broadcast confirming our existence. Prominent in the exhibition are a group of large-scale portraits of the artist’s mother, culled from a home video, documenting the final party she threw in the U.S.S.R before immigrating the the family to the U.S.

Defining a transitional moment of flux, these works illuminate the difficultly of tracing the past. Through oil on linen, Trubkovich visually describes the sensation of relating to a person or physical location that no longer exists and aims to parse latent tangible codex.

In Erich Fromm’s book, The Art of Loving, which inspired Trubkovich’s exhibition, the author suggests that love is a refuge – a remedy for isolation and our disconnection from each other and nature. By archiving whispers of feelings and recollections, which are dangerously close to disappearing forever, the artist simultaneously forms a pictorial and emotional space. Click here for more info.


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