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London: Economy of Attention

German artist Mike Meiré‘s latest exhibition, Economy of Attention, presents a series of  large-scale works on paper alongside ceramic sculptures that embrace the medium of newsprint and highlight its structural beauty.

His latest body of work follows a series of singular paintings on newsprint, which examines existing grids in newspaper layout and reflects on the prioritization of information through graphic design.

Meiré’s background as an art director along with his intrinsic understanding of this medium allows him to strip the compositions to a bare minimum.

Central to all of Meiré’s work is a delicate interplay between the highly refined and mundane everyday materials. The juxtaposition of organic and often sexually explicit or gender-orientated ceramic objects alongside anodyne geometric elements play an increasingly important role in Meiré’s work.

As one line of work continues to inform the other, Meiré’s paintings and ceramic sculptures reveal a profound understanding of popular culture. It is this knowledge, which allows the artist to explore the deep-rooted neurotics that inhibit today’s societies and in turn challenges these through his work. Click here for more info.

Bartha Contemporary Ltd.: 25 Margaret Street, London W1W 8RX



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