Pattern Pulp

Half Piped Ideas with Leslie Friedman

Jewishness, identity politics and skateboarding are the underlying concepts behind Leslie Friedman’s exciting new creative venture. Best described in her crowd-funding video, Friedman, a Philadelphia-based artist, describes her connection to Judaism, global stereotypes and ‘what’s cool’. Bringing art to the masses for functional use is always a complicated endeavor, though her plan is impressive.

In her own words:

In order to accomplish this project and participate in ArtPrize, I will make a dozen different tile patterns that will cover the curved portion of the ramp.  The patterns will address some of the stereotypes, conspiracies, and myths associated with Jews in America.  At the peaks of the ramp, the images will be the most positive stereotypes, while the valley will showcase the most evil, unflattering, dangerous stereotypes.   The significance of the word stereotype cannot be overlooked—it originated as a printmaking term, and for this reason, I believe the repetitious aspect of this sculpture will reinforce the overall concept of how myths spread.  


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