Pattern Pulp

Graffiti as Art with Joachim Ixcalli

Barcelona is teeming with talent. The creative vibe is a recognizable one, as we’ve been receiving submissions over the past four years that collectively speak to a singular street-inspired tone. Today we’re adding updates to Joachim Ixcalli’s profile.

Originally from California, but currently living in Spain, Joachim, 29, incorporates a mixture of patterns and overlapping textures into his drawings and painted murals.

Combining icons, popular dialogue, Pacific-Mediterranean influences and illustrations to mirror relevant themes of our time, each work leads us through a maze of decadent illustration.

The upbeat nature of his work has commercial appeal, as Joachim’s palettes and playful layouts remind us of other Pattern Pulp favorites: Mike Perry, Geoff McFetridge, Emil Kozak, Nasa* and Flavio Melchorre.


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