Pattern Pulp

Geometry & Spatial Design

Phuong Thuy nguyenEsther Stocker_Patternpulp

I recently stumbled upon two artists with parallels so strong, it seemed appropriate to write a piece about the similarities in their work. Meet Phuong Thuy Nguyen and Esther Stocker. Nguyen is from Budapest and works with woven objects and sculptural textiles, while Stocker is originally from Silandro, and is a master at perspective and spatial ambiguity.

Both work within the confines of a black and white palette and create illusionary geometry that manipulates the context of space. I find both of these bodies of work to be very inspiring- from the cast shadows and collaged lines to the intricate folding and origami-like repeats. It would be fun to see a grand collaboration between these two women, wouldn’t it?


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