Pattern Pulp

Design & Transportation in Mumbai


Living in New York, it’s easy to understand how the yellow cab (not necessarily the sleek black Uber) is a cultural emblem of the city. We have hollywood and midtown rush hour to thank for that. In Mumbai, it’s similar, but a bit different. To support their tremendous population, there are currently 55K cabs in competition with one another to keep the transportation system running.


Taxi Fabric is a new initiative hoping to liven up these old cars and bring design to the forefront of conversation. Reupholstering seat covers and ceiling panels with patterns from local young graphic designers, each newly designed car now has the ability to transport their passengers both physically and creatively.


Currently, a small test group of five cars has been transformed, in an effort to help the population appreciate design as well as the cultural impact it can have. The goal though, is to convert over 1,000 cars – and – up Mumbai’s ante as a forward thinking design capital of India.

Check out Taxi Fabric’s kickstarter campaign to learn more about this cool initiative.


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