Pattern Pulp

Color & Graphics: Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch

Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch PatternPulp 1

What makes a good editorial illustration? Like a book cover, I believe it’s one that immediately draws you in, conveys a complicated message, and feels simple in execution. Achieving this balance is a tough task, as there’s a true art form to showing and not necessarily telling. Editors, art directors and graphic designers grapple with this visual see-saw every day.

Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch PatternPulp2

If you read the New York Times, Bloomberg Business Week, The New Yorker or The Washington Post, you may be familiar w the bold clever illustrations of Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch.

Maxwell’s designs incorporate pattern through simple line and texture, often supporting a singular theme and color way within his layout. His work translates complicated topics, allowing the article and accompanying content to shine – which is no easy feat. Click here to page through his portfolio – as you scroll through, you’ll appreciate the edited minimalism that allows his work resonate so clearly.


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