Pattern Pulp

Body Stories for the Inner Escapist

After viewing Tim Burton’s show at the MoMA, it’s hard not to draw parallels to Roberto Kusterle’s fantastical photography. Each piece is truly a show-stopper and a window into a world that challenges literal meaning. Here at Pattern Pulp, we all believe that moods can be defined in countless ways. It’s the inspirational element of a story that sticks, and if it’s done well, it will further resonate within society. Avatar is a perfect example of this. Brands continue to tackle this challenge on a daily basis, and Coca Cola provides perhaps some of the best examples in the market. When you invite your viewer into a world they’ve only dreamed of then give them a pair of wings, you have to trust that they will fly. Kusterle’s ability to convey affection and human emotion is remarkable, and sets the escapist bar just a little bit higher.

By: Shayna Kulik and Emily Gup

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