Pattern Pulp

Artist Profile: Field Kallop

If you’re an artist familiar with textiles, you’re always experimenting. Field Kallop‘s experiments are carefully calculated and beautifully executed. With an art history and gallery curation background, she’s applying natural talent to academia at RISD’s MFA painting program, finding inspiration in anatomy, physics and astronomy.

When asked about her technique, Kallop explains her process, “I built a pendulum, suspended it from the ceiling of my studio, and began to make drawings with it. My goal was to examine, harness, and display the effects of gravity, an invisible yet ubiquitous force that has always interested me.”

In our opinion, many of the images are reminiscent of rudimentary computer screens, revealing captured data in the ether world of the internet. Be it futuristic, abstract, or fluid, these executions are stunning and we’re excited to see what the future holds for Kallop’s career.

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