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Artist Profile: April Tosch

How many people have what it takes to transition their hobby into a successful business? We’ve been covering entrepreneurs as of late, so its only appropriate to mention April Tosch, owner of Ann Meredith in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Tosh creates one of a kind prints for clients ranging from Royalty to corporate. Tosch’s digital library now holds over 80,000 images, all of which cater to the region. The themes are a hodgepodge of landscape and portraiture to romance and caligraphy. Each piece is usually embroidered or beaded before it’s presented to the client.

Since launching her business, the demand for customizable fabrics has sky rocketed in Jeddah, spurring Tosch to expand her services. She now offers photoshop classes for women and teaches them how to print personal patterns on silk for abaya sleeves. Creating a business model that is both profitable and caters to women in the region has been a dream and a truly inspiring story no matter what continent you’re from.

Coverage by: Aysha Ibtasam

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