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Vibrance & Inspiration from Morocco


Pattern Pulp’s been kind of quiet as of late. There’s been a lot going on – some things have been really exciting, and all consuming in the work arena, while others have been difficult, and simply put, a pause on life.

Today I’m back, and sharing a glimpse of recent travels. My beloved grandmother passed away nearly three weeks ago, and while this post isn’t necessarily about her, she was eager to hear about a trip to Morocco that was planned awhile ago. She wanted to see all of the curious inspirations and hear about the culture, the food, the birds and the music. After we laid her to rest, my husband and I decided that it was important to still go- that it would hopefully serve as a distraction, a transition and a reflective period while we mourned her loss. We joined good friends and took off in somewhat of a daze, with an itinerary that was loose but linear.


The mornings and evenings were sad and reflective times, but the days were shiny and full of color and delight. We traveled from Casablanca to Fez to the Sahara Desert then Marrakesh and ended in Essaouira. It was an absolute whirlwind, one that felt appropriate and extremely inspiring. I’ll post more specifically over the coming days, but here’s a little overview of our travels – more to come soon.


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