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Trend: The Power of Three

When it comes to social thought, the number 3 holds mystical powers. Be it positive or negative symbolism, it’s nothing new to watch humans get worked up over this symmetrical digit. Over the past year, many people have been forced to reevaluate their priorities. In doing so, basic principles have been challenged, causing many to revisit their decision making process, not two but three or more times. Unsurprisingly, the creative community has reacted with stark and compelling imagery, representative of this repetitive and sometimes obsessive nature.

From this autumn ’09 spread in Theme Magazine, highlighting the Perks and Mini cultural movement of the ’80s and ’90s to this retro German ice cream ad conjuring up Playboy imagery, to this illusionary sunglass shot from Justin Blyth’s photo blog, Them Thangs, all of these archival images have recently resurfaced and inspired a new wash of designs over the past year.

These black and white portrait illustrations capture one of pop culture’s rising fashion stylists, Amy Stearley, proving the taste makers are on board and running with this trend. Using crisp photography to illustrate Sylvia Farago’s tattoo art, The Selby captures his subject, combining 2D and 3D story lines. Bringing this concept full circle, Philip Tseng‘s t-shirt design, The Invisible Gentleman for proves one doesn’t only look back, but looks back and then re-configures the situation or scene. Like today, innovation comes in reconsideration and re-evaluation.

By: Shayna Kulik & Kelsey-Lee LeGassick

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