Pattern Pulp

Spotting Australian Blues


I just returned from a big trip abroad with my family. We spent two and a half weeks between Sydney, Melbourne and Tokyo merging work, vacation and a glorious wedding. I basically used the last of the available space on my phone taking an abundance of pictures and videos. Now that I’m home, I’m starting to sift through the content as I string relevant themes together.


A simple and obvious palette that surfaced on a daily basis was a blue one. Soft, varied and subtly textured, indigo tiles and textiles were scattered throughout all three cities.


Some tiles, like the imagery above have been staples in Bondi and Melbourne for many years. The complex simplicity has been distributed through a paired down palette.


In an illustrative and more linear approach, these aqua swim trunks from Industrie reflect the beach vibe of Sydney with a simple continuous wave.


Tapping into the palette, yet expanding on the theme, these Liberty prints from The Fabric Store in Melbourne feel relevant to the category, as the conversational prints are muted, busy and neutral.


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