Pattern Pulp

A Portugal Tile Study

Big treat for you today! Our dear friend, (and super star stylist) Amy Stearley is on a bit of a world tour at the moment. Following her on Facebook’s been really fun, as she’s trekked through Slovenia, India, Frankfurt, Paris and now Portugal.

Viewing the world through the eyes of our friends is a gift and it’s been a treat to see her creative interpretations streaming through Instagram and Facebook…particularly as it relates to print and pattern.

Back in 2008 I visited Lisbon with a few girlfriends and everywhere we went, I was that friend who had to photograph everything…the floors, the walls, the subway ceilings, practically any and all exposed surfaces.

Without a doubt, Portugal’s one of the most colorful and geometrically adorned places you can visit. In Amy’s photos, cobalt grids appear to dominate with splashes of lime, terracotta, hay and blush.

While I collaged these spreads together for spacial reasons- the large-to-small ratio is quite popular at the moment (and a personal favorite). Abrupt mix and matching can be a cool fusion, so long as the silhouette’s polished.

The tiles are truly inspiring. Every building features a new color way, texture, print or pattern. I’m constantly dreaming about what cut of dress I would construct with each new blocking that comes my way. I hope everyone can enjoy as much as I have. Thailand is next on my list…excited to see what that beholds! – Amy Stearley

So that brings us to you, our lovely reader. What surfaces inspire you? Where do you find yourself snapping and are there any trips on the horizon before summer ends?

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