Pattern Pulp

Trend: Thorns + Thickets

Thorns conjure up endless imagery. From floral to fairytale to punk, it’s impossible to ignore the dark correlations associated with this part of nature. Cui Fei, a fine artist from Jinan, China incorporates thorns into her art, using minimalism and nature to convey symbolic messaging. Be it calligraphic undertones in Read by Touch, or a disturbing, dada-like take on braille, this piece, like many of her others, forces the viewer to consider nature’s discarded elements. Commercializing the thorn, Barney’s Coop recently used unpruned rose stems to texturize their accessories spread, creating bold fresh contrasts. Whether these triangular pricks are being used to reel in summer or just transition us beyond the overplayed pyramid stud, it will be interesting to see how designers throw their own spin on this prickly ornament.

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