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Seersucker and indigo have always been linked to American style. Interchangeable across genders and generations, this thin vertical stripe is synonymous with the Spring season.

Today we’re examining a deconstructed interpretation as brands are tearing apart norms to recreate this familiar fabric. Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney, Everlane and Self Portrait are just a few companies infusing asymmetry, ruffles, collage and whimsey into their latest deliveries. The results are fun. They’re the opposite of nostalgia. They’re escapist, romantic and bold.

Patternpulp - shapes in seersucker

It makes you wonder why – and especially, why now?

“I think seersucker remains a favorite with both designers and consumers because it’s able to be read as both totally traditional and fashion forward at the same time, depending on how it is styled and presented,” says Elliot Aronow, a Brooklyn based style expert.

“For example, a classic blue seersucker jacket or suit would fit in at any warm weather social function, especially a wedding, but a bolder stripe, say like what Jacques-Elliott did with this red/blue themed seersucker tie can exude a lot of cool attitude. As always, it’s all about the context!”

We agree. Style can be achieved through untraditional accessories or by diving in with a loud staple. Here are a few favorites that fall under both categories.

1. The Japanese Oxford Square Shirt | Everlane $68

Minimalist, exaggerated, boxy and modern.

2. Rebecca De Ravenel Six Drop Ombre Earrings | Moda Operandi $345

Optic whimsy through a monochromatic ombre.

3. Newport Striped Shirtdress | Anthropologie $158

An indigo, chambray, cotton striped collage.

4. Self Portrait Ruffled Striped Poplin Top | Moda Operandi $410

Off the shoulder and asymmetric with oversized ruffles.

 5. Asymmetric Shirttail Wrap Skirt | Alexander Wang $475

Casual, romantic and made for layering.

6. Distressed Jersey Sneakers | Golden Goose $530

Fancy distressed denim.

7. Karen J. Revis | Artsy via Sears-Peyton Gallery $2,800

Indigo silkscreen monoprint.

8. Louise Bourgeois Eye Mask | MoMA $30

Inspired by the artist who was an insomniac most of her adult life, this striped collage is printed on soft silk and a print representative of the artists’s 2003 fabric drawings.

9. Latitude Sock in Blue | Richer Poorer via Of a Kind $14

A kick of personality through a blue and white square grid.

10. Manuela Shirt | Stella McCartney $715

Genderless and heavily inspired by Japanese fashion, this is one of our favorite styles.

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