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Trend: Kid Friendly Clouds


Though we’d typically hold off on our cloud postings til late March when pairings can be aligned with April showers, cumulous floaters have proven inspirational as of late.  Åsa Dahlbäck, a graphic designer from Sweden, creates sharp textured markings to form bold fluffy dimples.  Utilizing the largest markers in the box, Tsumori Chisato’s cloud dress portrays a dreamlike state, obscuring clarity with harmonious violets.


In a playful salute to “partly-cloudy” weather reports, Rose Clark’s collaboration with Sinem Erkas reveals a portable balloon installation series for fashion and art magazine, Exit. Continuing along bold and witty lines, the users of we heart it, found amusement in this hungry gutter by The 6emeia Project.  Harmless street art to make you smile.


Fusing photography with playful attainability, these pastel clouds encourage conceptual daydreaming.  Alison Foshee, of  California, explores the potential of everyday objects in her dynamic collages.  Here she has layered an assortment of stickers to form whimsical colorful droplets.


Cloud and rain inspired accessories have infultrated the marketplace in a variety of forms.  This blue wooden sculpture by Flatland OK, solidifies unattainable pairings.  Modernizing Ming Dynasty Era alcove beds, Courtney Skott of San Francisco has carved out pixelated cloud patterns in an effort to decorate her “room within a room” concept.  Feminizing this concept, necklaces and other curious jewelry findings can be located here.

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