Pattern Pulp

The Herringbone Collective

Herringbone is about as popular as plaid. That being said, the variations in execution keep it fresh from season to season. Designers are continually reinventing the wheel, breathing life into this timeless classic. Ari Heckman, a development consultant and interior designer based in New York City, uses a wide array of materials, such as carrera marble, glass and metal when tiling this pattern for various clients. “I enjoy using textured patterns that reference men’s suiting for interior settings.  There’s something about the translation from fabric to a more durable material, like marble or stone, that’s very exciting to me.” The examples above showcase glass work from Noho Star, a restaurant in New York, a piece of graffiti on 23rd Street in Chelsea, Nero Marquina marble, a leather woven Cole Haan handbag, colorful woodwork in the children’s department at Printemps in Paris and a yarn stitched pillow that’s currently on sale at Urban Outfitters.

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