Pattern Pulp

Hunting for Homegoods in BA

Who here’s heard of Paul? Before heading to Buenos Aires, I knew nothing of this magical land of homegoods. After seeing it on many a friend’s Foursquare list and my own Fortnighter itinerary, I was determined to visit ‘the Merci of BA.’

The store is located off the main road down a peaceful gardened path. For the New York readers looking for a comparison, it has an ABC Carpet meets South American vibe throughout. It also feels a bit like Corso Como of Milan.

The home accessories are high-end, comfortable and air on the side of neutral. The patterns when enlarged are sketchy and imperfect, and when smaller are even prisms of geometry.

These knitted mounts are interesting. I’m not a fan of taxidermy, but this interpretation takes the edge off in a delicate way. They feel like creatures of the netherworld.

Everything’s mixed and matched with subtle embroidery, soft texture and screen-printed detailing.  Though a star is a star is a star, I was still drawn to this Sabe Bonito pillow- it has a seasonless appeal that you just want to curl up and read a book on.


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