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Give & Get with Jasmine Takanikos

I met Jasmine Takanikos at my first forecasting meeting at The Color Association. I’ll never forget her presentation- it had striking awareness and a somber mood. When she was done no one wanted to believe that nature was headed for the deep dive it’s been experiencing at an exponential rate. Luckily, I can say that our friendship’s been more optimistic, and might I say, refreshing. As a fellow brand strategist and trend forecaster, it’s fun to talk shop, hear her points of inspiration and share war stories. Her Valentines day picks are rooted in core beliefs, focusing on tactile objects that shape our reality. Surprising, not at all. Enjoy!

What Takanikos Would Love to Give: Endless flavor.

What Takanikos Would Love to Get: Palo Santo Wood– because it makes everything special and sacred. Also the ring of fire– because he knows that blue is beauty.

To be clear these are gifts that I want to get from someone madly in love with me- and me madly in love with them. Love is the coolest thing we have. 


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