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I don’t always share my day to day on Pattern Pulp. I go back and forth on how much to personalize the site, as forecasting and pattern recognition shouldn’t only be represented by my weekly activities and biased love for geometrics. I try to curate taking a step back, sorting through events after they’ve happened, to give a more neutral, well-rounded perspective.

That said, it’s fun to bring you in – beyond the world of Instagram, and share the things that I love. Over the summer, I had the opportunity to redesign the website of my dear friend, Morgan Carper.

For those unaware, she’s a wildly talented Brooklyn-based fashion and textile designer. After throwing ideas against the wall and talking about what we’d update and revamp, it was an honor to roll up my sleeves and pull out the wacom tablet to design her e-commerce experience with our friend Efy from Webinhabit.

Every time we get together, we nerd out, compare travel notes, talk about life, relationships, food, and how we try to spend our days doing what we love. I share graphic design and marketing tips while she enlightens me on fabric production, sourcing, her sisters, and the latest music I should be listening to.

Though she’s still an emerging designer, Morgan’s doing incredibly well. Her clothing is truly flattering on everyone, I’m not just saying that.

Every time I wear one of her shirts or dresses, I feel put together, relaxed and sophisticated – a tough balance when you’re moving throughout your day trying to dress for work, social events, and most importantly, yourself.

This past weekend I hosted her Winter Sample Sale at my apartment. Here are some shots of the AW12 and SS13 lines, our friends, and a few of us trying on the goods. It’s kind of amazing that almost all of the dresses, skirts and shirts are interchangeable on everyone, as some of us are tall pixies, and others are short and curvy (ahem).

Here’s my friend Nandita trying on the Tola dress. Striking, right?

There’s still plenty for sale on her site – and if you’d like the same 40% discount, you’re more than welcome to partake in the code, URLOVED, go crazy, get your holiday dress or winter coat!

I also happened to be on the hunt for a dress to wear the following night, as my husband and I were heading to the Charity Water Ball.  Though a gown’s lovely, I wanted it to be a dressy/comfortable evening (it was cold and wet outside), even if that seems like an oxymoron. I ended up in the Yao dress. It was perfect and will be a wardrobe mainstay for a long time to come.


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