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Fashion: Curious Neckwear from Alexander Olch


The motto, “unconventional meets conservative” is one that many brands aspire to achieve on a seasonal basis.  Alexander Olch, a filmmaker and designer from New York, has taken men’s neck ware by storm with his subtly vibrant patterns and tailoring.  After a brief browse through Bergdorf’s Men’s Department a few weeks back, it was obvious that Olch held his own beside Thom Brown and David Hart, two household names representative of upscale men’s fashion.  The greatest difference between these three designers was the fact that Olch’s designs playfully honored the bow tie without looking ancient or overly flamboyant.  After further research on Valet Magazine and The NYT’s fashion blog, The Moment, it’s quite obvious that this creative mastermind has a bright future ahead of him, check out his collection if you’re looking to give your professional wardrobe a face lift.


Olch’s ties nearly always possess a hidden surprise.  This secret ingredient makes a memorable impact as well as differentiates him from the commercial masses.  For a modern take on classic, here are two skinny Italian cashmere styles.

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