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DIY: How to make a Tablet Protector

For all of you design-crafters out there, we have a treat today from our Paris-based DIY contributor, Tiffany Iung. Follow along and let us know if you end up making one for yourself (send photos too)! – Shayna

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I waited a long time to get a Bamboo tablet. Now that I have it, I treat it like a little baby. I thought it only right to make a pretty pocket to keep it safe. I had high hopes of making a fancy closure, but when I finished the first part of sewing I realized I was happy with the simplicity of the fold over closure. I figured the proportions of this pocket could be adapted to keep any of your goodies safe and sound.

Materials :

1. thin cotton padding (about 1/2 cm thick), cut into a 56 cm x 21 cm rectangle

2. fabric for exterior (I used this LUCY DAISY C TANA LAWN Liberty Art Fabric), cut into a 112 cm x 24 cm rectangle

3. fabric for interior (lining), cut into a 56 cm x 21 cm rectangle

4. basic sewing materials (color-coordinated thread for top stitch and bobbin)

5. sewing machine or materials for hand-sewing


1. Fold cotton padding and lining fabric pieces in half, the lining fabric wrong-side out. Line up folded edges (this will be the bottom of the pocket).

2. Sew along sides, leaving a 1/2 cm seam allowance.

*Turn work inside out. This is the padded lining.

3. Fold exterior fabric right-sides together, leaving a 24 cm allowance for the top flap of the envelope). Place padded lining on folded portion, again sewing sides with a 1/2 cm allowance.

*Turn right-side out. Body is finished.

4. For the Top Flap portion of fabric fold 1/2 cm seams and press flat with iron. Fold again at halfway point (the seams you just folded should be tucked inside, making a clean rectangle).

5. Sew along side seams.

(I wanted to say thanks to Eva Black, on Emmadime, for inspiration from her Top-Notch Type series. I’ve been introduced to so many cool fonts, including this one, thanks to her!) – Tiffany Iung


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