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DIY: Glitter Blocking Your Boots

We’ve all bought something that ultimately ends up at the back of our closet collecting dust. I did it a few years ago with these slip-on boots from All Saints. I bought them online, so when they arrived I realized the purposeful dingy-look of the off-white canvas didn’t do it for me. Instead of looking down-town grunge they just looked dirty.

I’m happy they’re still around, as I recently had a great idea on how to lose the dingy look…with glitter!  If too much is used, glitter can tend to look too young/girly, so pairing the bright glitz with the dull canvas worked perfectly.

Here’s my tutorial on how I transformed them. I hope it inspires you to tweak the items in your closet that also need a face lift.

Ingredients: Glue: I used Aleene’s Tacky Glue | Glitter: I used Martha Stuart brand in the color Smoky Quartz. I like this glitter over others due to the fine-quality of the flakes

Using your finger, evenly spread the glue where you want the glitter. Immediately after you spread the glue, shake the glitter onto the sticky areas. No need to be precise since the glitter will only cling to the wet area.

Then press down lightly with a clean finger on the glittered areas, this is a great way to ensure the glitter is secured. After all the glue areas are covered in sparkles, tap the boot to get any excess glitter off your shoe.

I would recommend doing this over an old newspaper so you can easily dump the unused glitter back into its container. Waste not, want not! After it dries completely you can start wearing them! That’s it ladies, a super simple way to re-vamp old shoes. 

Coverage by Chelsa Skees


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