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Around the Globe, Visiting Singapore


If you do a compare/contrast of Singapore’s creative class over the past few years, there’s been significant leaps and bounds. My brother and sister-in-law (and now baby) moved there three years ago, and over time and yearly visits, I’ve slowly watched the pages turn. Things finally feel different, like design (beyond the brand) and the appreciation of innovation is weaving it’s way into side streets, cafes and local services.



Makes sense, right? An economic and business hub can only cater to a singular culture for so long before expats and international influences mix things up. I think my brother-in-law, Steven, would agree that creatively, Singapore’s evolving into a melting pot of new ideas, catering to more than just food.



Here are few photos from Books Actually, some public housing that looks architecturally interesting, Chinese New Year preparations, my sister-in-law and I on New Years Eve, sugarcane at a Hawkers Center and the most beautiful moving drop display I’ve seen at an airport.


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