Around the Globe, Visiting Saigon

January 8th, 2014


I particularly loved Ho Chi Minh City, or more appropriately, Saigon. If we’re talking fashion, it’s a city devoted to children’s and menswear, with a nod to art and design throughout various poster stores, bookshops and cafes. I found L’usine, a concept and design store housing local and international products to be quite special, as well as Pizza 4P’s (Italian by Japanese…here’s a little video I took of some pizza making magic), Cuc Gach Quan, a vegetarian’s haven, and this very special non-profit called Mekong Creations, which employs women throughout Vietnam and Cambodia making beautiful quilts, bags, fabrics and small home goods.

If you’re looking to see how the locals live and interact with their families, a visit to the Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens is in order. You’re merely feet away from the animals and around every bend, there’s a musical performance, engaging the children to dance and pose for pictures. This leg of travel was very special, as the energy’s palpable and the pace of globalization’s moving quickly (as opposed to the north). The French influence is evident, both in the past and the present, primarily throughout the architectural landscape. Interestingly though, Korean, Russian and Japanese culture has made significant headway, making it’s mark in fashion, media and business development. Can’t tell you how many kids were listening to and watching KPOP Music and film…

Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing the Singapore leg tomorrow!


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  • Lauren

    Came across your blog on Bloglovin (as a recommendation) and was so happy to find it. I absolutely love textiles and especially finding different ones when I travel. I look forward to looking at your other posts :)

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