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Around the Globe: The Hues of Holi


Today we’re linking hues round the world. First and foremost, March 27th marks the religious festival of Color, otherwise known as Holi. Gillie Nevel, a friend from childhood, posted this portrait to Facebook today, fresh from the festival in Jaipur. For a kid at heart, it looks amazing!

Of course instagram followed suit with rainbow colored NYC streets that seem to dually reflect this week’s Gay marriage vote (shot by Timothy Goodman). The hair shot is by Lauren Conrad.

Then there’s the Color me Rad race. It’s an interesting translation of Western customs. A vibrant and messy fusion reminiscent of Burning Man culture.

Bringing this full circle and reminding us of tasteful and creative ways to market yourself along w the global calendar, the Polli team recently produced their own Holi photoshoot from Australia. After testing dyed flour powdered paints, Polli used trampoline style propulsions along with a super fast pack to capture loads of frames per second.


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