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Around the Globe: a Trip to Tokyo

Today I’m kicking off with a new section called Around the Globe. It’s devoted to the special things we find when exploring new parts of the world.*

I travel quite a bit on the job and when I arrive in a new city, I do my best to take mental notes as an outsider – initially, with rose colored glasses – then as a critical observer, interviewing men and women about their daily grind: their hopes, fears, families and careers. I’m also an obsessive photographer (like all of you), with an interest not necessarily in the tourist attractions- but more with random textures, color combos, quirky advertisements, street style and interesting eating habits.

Though today’s post doesn’t dig too deep, I thought I’d catalog one of my favorite department stores: Tomorrowland, in Tokyo. The products, the merchandising and the customer service are unparalleled.  I bought this wallet in the men’s department after a year-long search for a replacement. It’s a special collaboration between the Italian leather label, Il Bisonte and the store- which is a strong brand throughout the country.

*We’d love to hear from you! If you’d like to share and submit some personal textured treasures you’ve found from the road (and why they’re meaningful to you), get in touch by sending a note with the title line, Around the Globe to




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