Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

July 22nd, 2014


Exploring perception and its impact on the human condition this Tuesday.

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1. Timothy Cummings’s exploration of dualities —insider/outsider, self/other, the collision of nostalgia and the present at Catherine Clark Gallery
2. Utilizing a wide range of materials, Erik Jones’ mixed media approach creates a hypnotic tension between the familiar and the fantastical at Hashimoto Contemporary
3. The paintings in this exhibition engage us in both the rich language of abstraction and in the mysteries of the human condition at Seager Gray Gallery
4. Thank You Paintings Exchange initiates a series of material, social, gestural, intellectual and monetary exchanges between artist and collector, with the commercial art gallery as site and passive participant at Denny Gallery
5. In Painter’s Nest the role of the artist is examined in various stagings and often the representation of the artist appears to reflect the beholder’s own imagination of an artist at Nils Staerk
6. Adrian Ghenie Golems explores Charles Darwin and the “texture of history” at Pace Gallery

Focusing on the Female Form

July 21st, 2014

Rachel Levit3Rachel Levit1Rachel Levit2

Rachel Levit is an illustrative force you should all be aware of. Her drawings are simple, yet carry immense storytelling through line, pose and profile. Her repetition feels a bit like modern day hieroglyphics as she swings from professional realms. One day she’s producing artsy leggings and the next, an illustration for the New York Times. Have a look at her blog, you’ll find delight in the scroll.


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Friday Quick Links!

July 18th, 2014


1. Andrea Aranow’s been collecting textile samples since the 1960′s via It’s Nice That
2. Interview with artist Katy Smail via Art Hound
3. Reliving 90′s fashion – there’s a blog for that via Honestly WTF
4. Telmo Pieper recreated his childhood illustrations via Colossal
5. Plant wall art by Art We Heart via design-milk
6. The amazingly colorful home of Captain and the Gypsy Kid via SFGIRLBYBAY
7. Lovely floral typography via Trendland
8. “Creative handy-man” Francepants via The Design Files
9. Yumi Okita’s beautiful textile moths via The Jealous Curator
10.This building has some fabulous tile via Present & Correct
11. Some gorgeous flora and fauna wallpapers via design*sponge
12. How much fun is this DIY sticker mandala?! via Honestly WTF

Contributed by Emily Gup

Architecture Around the Globe

July 17th, 2014

1decphotos_instagram_patternpulp 2decphotos_instagram_patternpulp 3decphotos_instagram_patternpulp 4decphotos_instagram_patternpulp

This post’s a short one, mainly because there’s not online much information about the artist. I hit the explore button on Instagram last week and landed on DecPhotos’ feed. It’s excellent, enjoy.


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Trend: Ironic & Iconic Fruit

July 16th, 2014

Ironic and Iconic Fruit

We can’t seem to shake our love affair with the 80’s. From 3D geometrics that still appear flat to cartoon fruit and colorful irony, designers are all about clever shapes and nostalgic throwbacks. This mix is a nice balance of kitsch and sophistication through fashion, art and home wears ranging from the United States, Paris and Tel Aviv.

1. Plant Ceramics by Universal Isaac 2. Delicate Watermelon Scarf by Antonin + Margaux 3. Hilarious Portrait Series of Iconic Leaders by Amit Shimoni 4. Fruit Scarf by Marie Bretin 5. Abstract Mineral Shapes by Supreme Bon Ton


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Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

July 15th, 2014


This week’s artists present impressive installations that utilize traditional techniques with a twist.

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1.Dissection aims to be an in-depth reflection on the urban space, taking as starting point several of the structural elements that compose it. at EDP Foundation
2. Zezão’s latest show contains large-scale assemblages composed of materials that evoke his experience of São Paulo’s streets: scraps of wood furniture and building materials, bits of street signs and advertisements, and various found objects at Zipper Galeria
3. Ngatai Taepa’s current practice includes installation works which look at contemporary issues within New Zealand society, as well as paintings that are fueled by a childhood fascination with kowhaiwhai at Page Blackie Gallery
4. Val Britton transforms this gallery’s space with a massive installation of her hand cut assorted papers in her thematic series of cartography inspired landscapes at Gallery Wendi Norris
5. Openness and Clarity seeks to examine the pivotal role that Color Field painters and their direct predecessors played in the evolution of abstract art, while also proving the work’s persisting ability to captivate the contemporary eye at Honor Fraser
6. Drawing upon early forms of technology, A Handweaver’s Pattern Book unfolds throughout the gallery in a sweeping installation of new drawings that operate in the intersection of the handmade and manufactured textiles at Clifton Benevento


Taking a Class in Shibori Dying

July 14th, 2014


A few weeks ago, I signed up for a last minute class in Shibori Dying. I’ve been wanting to take a proper course at the Textile Arts Center for ages, but have had conflicts most of the weeks and weekends it’s been held.


Shibori’s become a sought after style this summer. From high-end linen homewear and accessories to upscale and low key fashion, the DIY indigo look is something that’s accessible, yet cool, and not necessarily easy to replicate without a significant amount of practice. That is, unless you end up with happy accidents…which are cool if you’re a beginner.


My friend Linda and I were shooting emails back and forth, talking about how cool a set of shibori-dyed yoga leggings would be…which lead to her stumbling upon the Make Workshop website. Surprisingly, I’d never heard of the site or the classes, though I very familiar with the building, thanks to many visits a few years back to Laurie Rosenwald’s studio.


Before we knew it, we were meeting an enthusiastic bunch of fellow lady dyers and discussing our expectations for our untreated raw items. I want to say that the course was excellent and that you should all sign up for it, but in all honesty, it was a bit vague and open for the true beginners looking to understand the technique and the steps that go into varied dye results.


Here are my final products. I brought an old Steven Alan button down and a baby onesie, Linda brought dinner napkins and our friend Kate brought white vans and an American Apparel shirt. My goal was to get a sweet (but not too sweet) heart shape in the middle of the onesie. As you can see, rubber bands were used in abundance and clips helped secure crisp folds. The final color is about five shades lighter when it drained and dried, but overall I’m pretty pleased for a first go at it.



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Friday Quick Links!

July 11th, 2014


1. Jellyfish tanks installed in abandoned buildings via Colossal
2. Charmed by this 1940′s bungalow remodel via design*sponge
3. Stella Maria Baer’s watercolors of the solar system & outer space via Design Crush
4. Relaxing vibes and plentiful patterns in the work of Anna Valdez via booooooom
5. Madeline Kidd’s painted gardens via The Design Files
6. A fan of Alex Kanevsky’s paintings via The Jealous Curator
7.Lovely collection and lookbook from Masterpeace via Honestly WTF
8. Looking at textiles in book arts via Textile Arts Center
9. Swell summery rugs via SFGIRLBYBAY
10. Leah Goren on the knocking off of her cat pattern via Leah Goren
11. Digging these punchy beach chairs by Gallant and Jones via Poppytalk
12. Fly Art: A homage to the finer things in life: Art and Hip Hop via Miss Moss

Contributed by Emily Gup

Budget Buys: Rachel Comey Sale

July 11th, 2014


For those of you in New York, looking to score a few more beautiful discounted pieces, Rachel Comey is hosting a sample sale today and tomorrow. Styles will be 50-80% off clothing, shoes and accessories. I have my eye on this beautiful marble print…it looks like a paint/water/mineral mashup.


Patterns from Les Papiers Peints

July 10th, 2014


The Parisians love hot pink. They also love mustard. These designs are from the company, Les Papiers Peints, and showcase a variety of paper goods and wall decals. This faux headboard is a fabulous and economical alternative to the usual wooden or quilted variety. Click here to see more from their beautiful boutique.


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Inspiration & Summer Shadows

July 9th, 2014


Here are a few snapshots from last week. It was a pleasure getting out from behind the computer screen and finding an unlimited supply of inspiration by the shore. These pictures are from the beach, the boardwalk, the ferry and a few shadow/umbrella formations. Most, could easily transition into textiles…number 4 has Calvin Klein home written all over it. What are some of your favorite everyday patterns that you’re spotting this summer? Share your pictures with us on instagram (with the hashtag #patternpulp so they group together) and I’ll post a few favorites next week!


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Tuesday’s Gallery Picks

July 8th, 2014


In this week’s gallery picks, the artists explore fragmentations of reality and of the self.

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1.Peter Regli presents a stylized landscape with carefully composed arrangements of marble sculptures depicting ancient statues, such as Hayagriva, the horse-headed avatar of Vishnu; religious idols, such as the Buddha; popular figurines such as the Japanese maneki-neko fortune cat; and household items, such as a child’s piggy bank—familiar images rendered unfamiliar by material reconstitution at Karma
2. In I shall stay the way I am because I do not give a damn…, four artists navigate altering realities at Lombard Freid
3. Michiel Voet and Karim Ramtani’s artistic reconstruction of an invisible life at Nieuw Dakota
4. These paintings explore the experience of living in a society that fragments our identities. By layering multiple images onto a single plane, Kaitlyn Stubbs seeks not to abstract reality, but to create a more whole representation of it at The One Well
5. Michelle Jezierski’s newest paintings emphasize the creation of new spatial dimensions through contrasting different layers of imagery at Feinberg Projects
6. Franklin Evans’ practice is a network, in constant flux, in absorption of adjacent content, in defocused experience of the contemporary, in rhizomic replication, and in reference to itself.  at Ameringer McEnery Yohe

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